Red wine in the Rain

Red wine in the Rain

As we listened to the drops

Pounding on the concrete roads

Eyes locked on each other

Creating a spark,

Through our souls

As the fire begins within

Our feet moved with the rhythm

No music to serenade us though

Just the breaths of ours beneath each other

entwined through chemistry in the mind

As you awaken my emotions with your sultry dedication

My ear lobes you tickle

With a soft white feather

Dipped in oils of lavender

And rose petals

Our bodies combustion

Erotic eyes Connects

An Adrenaline rush I get,

As his fingers touches my G-Spot!

Losing sight of lavish cravings

Because this feeling is worth more than ones mind can ever imagine

Red wine in the rain is the feeling I get

When my lips is wrapped around it’s sweet taste

from the rim of my glass

To napes of his neck

As my man grabs me by the hands

Leads me through his soul

Two hearts one connection

As he gently enters between the junction of my thighs

My core he entered with a sweet surprise

As time passes the friction of our bodies were ignited

A pool of moisture releases,

I fell flat…

I went into shut down mode

And he soothed me into slumber

Resting peacefully in his arms

After that last glass of

Red wine in the rain

And the most ever invigorating feeling

Red wine in the Rain

By Darshini Devi Ramsaran


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