Man on a Robot

Man on a robot




Feeling inside

The way the soft winds caresses his face

As I glimpse his posture through the sides of my eyes

Gives me a chilling sensation up and down my spine

The way sunlight bounces off his pupil

Illuminating his path

Creating an invigorating feeling deep inside

As I watch him flow with the winds

As his feet is on air

He spreads his arms open wide

As he reaches for the stars at night

Soaring like an eagle in the sky

I see his soul soars high

As he flows with the air

A man he is that loves a dare

Each motion, each vibration, falls in seamless

As he balances his feet so he does with his life

Stability and strength

I see ahead

The path is clear and at the end there’s light

He shows me visions of a feeling so real

Takes me beyond imagination

Giving me a feeling of completion

I watch his shoulder as he swiftly maneuvers

In and out

Dodging cars and pedestrians on his route

He carries it in hands when not in use

And takes pride in his work and any adjustments that he do

Creating beauty with colors so daring

Opening the eyes of those to a brighter feeling

Placing lights

Modifying parts

A man with his robot

He loves with his heart

I watch as others stand in awe

As my man zooms past them with his one wheel robot

Which he adores

It’s a great feeling like no other

I can’t being to imagine how he feels after I see what his face shows clearly

A man and his best friend

Robot 🤖

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