Late night

Ruffling through some papers late at night

Stumbled across things I wrote so many ages back

I decided to write

Relieving my heart aches

That time I held my knees close to my stomach and hands crossed in front hiding my tummy in hopes of no one hearing

The grumbling sounds that beats against the walls of my stomach

It’s like something inside playing connect the dots

Trying to find it’s way to a perfect spot

To settle in and eat away at my flesh

From the inside out

The pains of being raped

That time I bled through my jeans

And the memories of the sounds of sirens

Entered my brains

Like a melody stuck on replay

As the ambulance arrives and two men approached

“Ma’am, are you conscious?”

That was the last words I heard

My mind blanked out

My heart rate slowed

I was in a shock

My body cold

My veins swollen from the alcohol in my system

See, I’m a diabetic

And too much sugar can put me into a coma

All that night I remembered

As they took me away

Into a safe place

Hand cuffs on the bed rails

As the detectives carried on with questions of problems I may have

Things or descriptions

Anything that can help him to catch the rapist of a twelve year old girl

My mind remained blank

My lips sealed

My eyes drifted off into a deep slumber

My pride was ripped out my soul

My dignity was shattered

My life was deleted at 12 years old

I became the blank pages in the entire book

By Darshini Devi Ramsaran

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