Champagne on the beach

Champagne on the beach

It’s 8 pm

The sun have set

And the stars comes to life

Lighting up the dark Blue and Grayish skies

Sand in our feet

As we stroll underneath a beautiful blanket of starlight in the skies,

As the soft warm sand caresses our feet

He pauses…


And held my hands to stay in position

Leaned over to me

With submission

And hands me a glass filled with champagne

Whispers in my ears

“Let’s exhilarate, together, stimulate our minds with words of desires, indulge into a world where two hearts make one connection!”

I gladly accepted

With arms wide opened

And movements of my lips

As I saw the twinkle in his eyes

When one side connected with the tip of a shooting star

Champagne on the beach

A real man indeed

As we synchronized our bodies

And our bare skin touches the sand

Our rhythms generated heat

As we locked eyes

Hips and thighs

Rolling on the beach

Suddenly his hands wrapped so tight


So gently


I paused…

Champagne on the beach

He enters my Euphoric soul

Digging deeper into it

With every push

And every thrust

It Stimulates my mind

Making me melt

Like a volcano that erupts

As champagne he pours down my neck as it trickles down on to the tips of my breast


Seducing my nipples with the warmth of his breath

As his tongue wraps around my body

I melt

And the imagination of his lips and each swirl

Each turn it makes

He takes control

As these thoughts began to

Race through my mind

The chills I get goes through my spine

As my eyes rolled to the back of my head

He held me close

And begins to nibble on my neck

I drifted off

Into the best romantic Orgasm

Champagne on the beach

Champagne on the beach

By Darshini Devi Ramsaran


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