Words can kill

I stand

I stand up for women’s rights

I stand up against taking lives

I stand up against abortions

I stand up against bullies

I stand up against those who speak against those I love or me

I stand up for those who are weak

I stand up for children who grew up lost in the streets

I stand up against animal cruelty

I stand up for love and loyalty

I stand

Because I have my mouth which I use to speak

I use words that holds power

Like a double edge sword

Rub me the wrong way

And I would slice away at your tower

Breaking every inner sensation that’s embedded into your soul

Ripping through those soar muscles

And leaving you cold

Cold I maybe

Heartless many may speak of me

But truth be told

There are words in which can hurt

Hitting harder than any bullet

Crippling one in an instant minute

Leaving you paralyzed

Body frozen, Tongue tied, Jaws open

In disbelief

Words hit harder than they seem when spoken from the opposite opponent

Against your dignity

So when I said please don’t disrespect me

Don’t do it

Because I would leave you speechless


And lonely

Walking away with a smile on my face

To know that my words I speak

Left you feeling like a disgrace

Remember when one finger points at me

Three points back at you!

And this is that time

Where I relax and unwind

Lost in my tranquility

Leaving your words buried beneath my feet

As I sit on my throne shitting on your world!

Don’t ever mess with my Regality

I am that Queen and I crown myself

For the method of my madness is

Words 🤣

And some fists that can back that up too 😂

Just kidding

Hope you enjoyed ❤️😘

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