Damn you Mr.

Why are you so angry and bitter

“Why are you so cruel Dear Mr?”

Asked the little girl with the skirt below her knees

As she shivers

From the chilled winter night breeze.

As snowflakes descends from the sky above, her skin becomes brittle and pale.

She began to scream and yell she’s in pain

“Please Dear Mr. I beg you to stop

This is enough

I’m only a child. What did I do to get roughed up?”

She questioned

While looking for anything in hands to attack but nothing in sight because she barely saw through her tear filled eyes.

A memory she relieved each day for twenty years of her life. Until she decided again to pick up her pen and throw Dear Mr. a scribe!

Dear Mr.

I sat and began to think of my dear life so,

Then I began to write you this letter.

I know you’re wondering as to why? But let me explain before you begin to rip these pages apart.

Allow me to introduce myself

And the reasons for my troubles

Remember that one night when the air was thin, cold and dark? Well, there may be many nights like that for you of course, however

I vividly remember the brutal torture

So let me remind you too.

It was freezing

10 degrees Fahrenheit outside

Dark, gloomy, hallow, and scary. That night a little girl trusted in you taking her home

Keeping her safe and warm

With the promises of words

Mentally challenging her intuition

As she only said yes because you were her friend uncle and her friend was there.

But you played her as a fool and ashamed I she was too

To accept a soda that night

And in return

She lost sight

She lost sight of what you did

To lure her into a trap

She lost sight that night

When She had a panic attack

She lost sight to what was around her

And all She remembered

Was that can soda

And how thirsty She was

How She so badly wanted to reject the offer

But because her poor tiny throat needed water

After singing at a church function

She was taken to an abandoned home


Beaten and brutally burned

All because She accepted your soda Mr.

She was taught as a child to deny the things a stranger hands her

But her friend is your niece and She looked at you like an Uncle

I guess that’s what it was

She just trusted the wrong person

You allowed that night to Ruin her life

At 12 years old

She lost her sight

She lost her peace

She lost sleep

She lost hope and faith and everything in between

She lost herself

Because She was thirsty

She blamed you for years

She blamed herself too

But inside

She knew somewhere


She’d muster up the courage

And pull up her big girls socks

Put her hair back and shoulders straight

Letting her emotions flow through these written pages

She prayed She break you

Deep within

She prayed you suffer like She did

She prayed many nights and asked God to take her life

Because all along

She felt it was her fault

And deep down She knew somewhere she was not wrong

Twenty years later

She is still happy

To know that She has over come obstacles

More than many

Because what you’ve done

Has made her stronger

What you caused

Went from a disaster to helping many others

Saving lives from men like you

Guiding young girls to never make the same mistake she did

When she trusted someone like you

Your pain will soon come

And God knows it will

When thunder and lightning falls upon your head

She pray you don’t just crumble and vanish into thin air

She pray that you suffer until you’re dead

These were words she repeated in her head

Many gloomy days

And dark lonely nights

She prayed


She prayed for your death to be by her hands

She prayed like She would when God gives a command

But instead She found inner peace

And prayed otherwise

She asked God that he never takes your life

She prayed that you remember each day that you live

The screams which echoed for you to stop

The limp twelve year old child who bled heavily after you ripped her apart with your disgusting old Penis

She pray you remember it like it was yesterday

Each and every waking day

She pray you beg God to forgive you on bended knees

With tears stained cheeks

For hours at a time

And She pray

You have nightmares like She did too

Cold sweats

Lost thoughts

And impossible relationships where trust is an issue

She pray you suffer by the memories of the torture you’ve caused against a child

Today She stand as a woman with battle scars stronger than ever

Braver than one can be

Written with tears

Stained with blood

Finally after twenty long years

She can say

Enough is enough

She is now forever Free!

Damn you Mr.!

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