This is Life

This is life

What we see convinces our eyes

What we hear are sometime truth or lies

Not everyone is loyal

Not everyone can live

There are many who resist an opportunity when it presents itself

This is life

What we feel no one feels

What we need no one sees

What we crave no one knows

Life is a story

yet to be told

This is life

A journey ahead

Gains and strife

This is life

It is the life which many will become

And evolve

Some will awake to a rising sun

Some will bury with the pain or with love for someone

Some will burn to ashes in beggar or fame

Some will live on again and again

Some have beliefs of heaven and hell

This is the world we live in

This is life

Some may struggle

Some may not

Some may starve

Some may not

This is life

The question is

“What do you do with that time?”

You create your path to inspire and encourage or would you create your path to destruction

That choice is yours!

By Darshini Devi Ramsaran


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