Little girl in the Rain

Little girl in the rain

As her reflection bounces back to the pupils of her eyes

From the puddle of water below her feet

Her fragile body bruised and in pain

Her knees weak

Her body limp

Her head lowered with tears in her eyes

As she cries out loud

But No one hears

I see her from a distant

As I watched with disbelief

Little girl in the rain

Stomach growling

In search of her next meal

I reached out to her

To Give her words of advice

In hopes of helping to change someone else’s life

Or even giving them the chance to move forward past the pain

Creating new memories

And with strength she gains

Little girl in the rain

I humbly asked you

Try the best you can and wash away your stains

Pick up your pieces and put them back together again

Little girl in the rain

She stared at me

Uttering words

With uncertainty

She nodded her head

Then looked at me and said

“I know!”

Each time I tried

Those were her words

Little girl in the rain

I broke down in tears

Watching her as she swayed from side to side

As a drunken wobble person in the dark late night

To see an beautiful angel standing in front of my eyes and my help she denies

Little girl in the rain

I pray you find your light

Inside of me

I will continue to try

It breaks my heart in two

But I promise I will try my best to help

With the simplest words of advice


Not just that

I will try to lift your spirits high

Encouraging you to do better with your life

Giving you compliments

As others defame your character as a child

I have faith

And in God I pray for the

Little girl in the rain

By Darshini Devi Ramsaran


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