I Write ❤️

I write with a passion

All within me

Deep intellectual conversations written into poetic form

Creating an illusion

Adorning the mind

Taking you on a roller coaster ride

Sometimes up, sometimes down

I write with a mind filled of invigorating thoughts

The imagination I create is magical in every aspect

It is a way to control the mind and force emotions upon an individual

Bringing out things deep within the reader

Some may have experienced

Some may be curious

Some may cry

Some may smile

Some may laugh

But through it all

Words written with power in the hands which holds that pen

Seizing time and taking control

Of the eyes which glides across the written words on the white blue lined pages

I write because it frees my soul from the negativity

Causing life to replay over and over like a melody stuck in ones head

Words used to describe an emotion

Creating a beautiful connection

To the hearts and souls

Those young and old

Through life or death

These words must be heard

I write with dignity and pride

With love and joy

Sometimes tears in my eyes

I write to let the world know

That knowledge must be shared

It costs nothing to share

but in everything you have gained

Much more wisdom

Much more of life

Much more pain

Much more strife

Because in life there are battles in which we must face

Because without sunshine

There’d be no rain

Without water trees could not grow

Without love there’d be no hate

One hand washes another

And love leads to fate

I write because

One road leads to destinations

In which paths one must choose

The question is

Right path or wrong path

Which one would you choose?

I write to share the pains of another

And expressed emotion

The joy of life

The beauty of family

The love of a friend

The marriages of many

The concrete cell walls

The man on the bike

The woman in the rain

The rape at 12

The world which will one Day end


it’s never always about me!

I write of other situations

And many more other stories

I write with anger

I write with fear

I write with drama

And I write with tears

I write each day

To remind myself

That I am worthy of more than I think

I write to let go of built up anger

I write to control that mind when it triggers

I write this journey

With strength and dedication

To bring me out of any dark situation

I write to free my mind

I write to free my soul

By Darshini Devi Ramsaran


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