Hello my name is Darshini and I would like to say that Oprah Winfrey is the reason I began to write poetry. She has been an inspiration to me since I was at the age of twelve.
I was a victim of rape, and verbal abuse. Due to this abuse I was incarcerated for four years fighting my case behind those cold concrete walls. I was granted a pardon from the former Governor David Patterson. Mr. Patterson pardon has protected me from going back to a country where I knew nothing of. The abuse in which occurred in my past has been my strength. I know that Oprah is a woman who believes she can change the lives of many and today I would like to personally say that Oprah has indeed touched my heart and soul, giving me strength and inspiration to keep pushing forward and keep standing firm, believing in my heart that “this too shall pass”. Oprah has touched my heart and soul giving me hope and faith.
I know that this is only suppose to be a question but being that this is my first and probably my last time ever seeing such a phenomenal woman in my life close up in person, I figured that I would spill my heart out. In hopes of this message getting out to her.
I am extremely excited to see
A Wrinkle in time.
I wonder how amazing it was in making this movie with the youths of today. The eyes of those beautiful children looking up to you as you guide them through.
You have been and always will be an inspiration to me Oprah.

My questions today,
How does it feel to be a part of the movie
A Wrinkle in time?
Are you planning to make more Disney movies?
Will you ever grant me the opportunity to be a part of your book club? Would you kindly accept my small token of appreciation with one of my unique art drawing?
I love you Oprah and I pray that you continue to shine in this dark world in which we call life, because of you I am able to smile through my pain. Through good and bad I pray for the strength to carry through and I pray that one day I can be a woman just like you. To inspire and to guide, to love and protect, to give great advice and to listen to those in need of an ear.
Thank you for being an inspiration

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