Late nights thoughts

It feels like yesterday all over again

The news of your life after death

Sick to my stomach

Heart ache and pain

Sad that I was not given the opportunity to thank you

For all that you did

I should have said it when I had the chance

Now you’re forever gone in physical form and there’s nothing that can bring you back

Angels were needed in heaven

And you were the one which was called

The humblest servant to our almighty God

I’m not angry

I’m not scared

I’m not worried

Because I know you are now in a much better place

I’m hurting inside of the way that you died

Begging and pleading for your one and only life

As you fell to your knees

I can’t begin to imagine what was racing through your mind at that exact time

I know if I was in your place

I might not handle it the way you did!

Your bravery, your life, you laid it all down when needed

by protecting your wife and child!

I am so proud to say you were the best friend anyone could ever have

And a brother who cared deeply for anyone you felt a spiritual connection with

I am proud to say

That we have met, paved a path of friendship and built a bond as thick as blood/ a brother and sister created through the heavens cloud

I wish you were here

To keep me sane

Many to share my poetry with

But none who understands of reading between the lines

You got it every time

My art you see was the most unique

The words I remember when you see me doodle on cold rainy days when the store was quite and no one around

You always told me

I knew how to turn a frown upside down

And put a smile on the faces of many

With the simple words of “have a great day honey”

You told me things to lift my spirit

Gave me reasons to which I should believe it

You saw the beauty inside of me which you pointed out each day

I miss that the most

You always gave me respect and never stayed away

Nor ever did neglect us

My life is in a turmoil and I know not of which direction to turn to

But I pray each waking day

That you are with God guiding us all through

Times have changed and people did too

But the memories we have of you

Lives on inside

We carry your name in our hearts with love and pride

We cherish the few moments that your time you took

We are grateful for every word you ever spoke

We pray that one day we will all be together

A family so strong

A bond that will never break

A seal of hope and faith

A signature of Loyalty

We are indeed a huge family

I miss you brother 🙏🏽❤️

Hello my name is Darshini and I would like to say that Oprah Winfrey is the reason I began to write poetry. She has been an inspiration to me since I was at the age of twelve.
I was a victim of rape, and verbal abuse. Due to this abuse I was incarcerated for four years fighting my case behind those cold concrete walls. I was granted a pardon from the former Governor David Patterson. Mr. Patterson pardon has protected me from going back to a country where I knew nothing of. The abuse in which occurred in my past has been my strength. I know that Oprah is a woman who believes she can change the lives of many and today I would like to personally say that Oprah has indeed touched my heart and soul, giving me strength and inspiration to keep pushing forward and keep standing firm, believing in my heart that “this too shall pass”. Oprah has touched my heart and soul giving me hope and faith.
I know that this is only suppose to be a question but being that this is my first and probably my last time ever seeing such a phenomenal woman in my life close up in person, I figured that I would spill my heart out. In hopes of this message getting out to her.
I am extremely excited to see
A Wrinkle in time.
I wonder how amazing it was in making this movie with the youths of today. The eyes of those beautiful children looking up to you as you guide them through.
You have been and always will be an inspiration to me Oprah.

My questions today,
How does it feel to be a part of the movie
A Wrinkle in time?
Are you planning to make more Disney movies?
Will you ever grant me the opportunity to be a part of your book club? Would you kindly accept my small token of appreciation with one of my unique art drawing?
I love you Oprah and I pray that you continue to shine in this dark world in which we call life, because of you I am able to smile through my pain. Through good and bad I pray for the strength to carry through and I pray that one day I can be a woman just like you. To inspire and to guide, to love and protect, to give great advice and to listen to those in need of an ear.
Thank you for being an inspiration