Brittany’s new beginning

As you turn a new chapter in your life

I pray for you

I pray you soar like the birds in the sky reaching for the stars ✨

I pray Jacob is born with 10 fingers 10 toes

And healthy as a horse

I pray your life blooms with joy and love always

Remember as the season changes so will the times

Don’t lose hope when things don’t seem to go right

Have patience when Jacob cries

Give your all as your mother did for you from birth until now

And even beyond much more years to come

Be his guide if ever he may stumble and fall

Pick him up and hold him dear into your arms

I pray you find peace and comfort with your bundle of joy

I pray that God watches over him while he’s asleep at night

I pray no harm ever comes his way

I pray for you now more than ever especially today

I love you beyond words in a dictionary that can describe

And I’m so proud of you my dear niece

Can’t wait till you’re Jose’s wife

Then this story book will be sealed

A family of love, joy and loyalty

God bless you both with your little man on the way ❤️😘😊🙌🎉🎊👑

The new beginning

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