My lovely niece

My lovely Niece

Words are not enough to describe the way you make me feel

The moments from birth until now

I’ve vowed to protect and guide you the best way I knew how

I listened to you and gave you advice

I learned things from you and couldn’t imagine a life without you ever

From baby until now and further more

I promise to treasure

Every waking moment spent with you

For the love you have shown me

Is remarkable

When all denied the love I had for you

You’ve shown them that my time was worth something in your eyes

When others pointed and said I was a bad influence in your life

I only wanted you to experience life for what it was

Starting with the pain, hurt and blame

Because society is what makes most of us

I told you to be brave

Embrace it all

That “this too shall pass!”

Today you are the woman I never was

And I’m so proud of the lady you have become

A rush of joy tingles through my soul

So excited to see what the future holds

You’re a mother now

And I’m so happy for you

The best knowledge you’ve learned from the women in this family

I pray you take with you on this beautiful journey

As you see the changes in your lovely baby boy

I pray each moment is treasured without any fights

I pray he looks at you with only smiles

And loves you immensely without denies

I pray no bond is broken and you live life to it’s fullest with your lovely new family

I hope I live to see this happen and one day become a great great aunty


Thank you for the beautiful journey you have given me

For without you at my side

I had no real friends

You are my niece, my loyal friend, and most of all you have made me so proud of you

Trials and tribulations of you may face

I pray I am still here to help with whatever it takes

For my heart isn’t as strong as it was before

I hurt, I cry, I feel pain like never before

But in my heart you will always be

For he simple fact

You’re my lovely beautiful niece

I love you Brittany ❤️😘

Hope you enjoy this scribe

With eyes wide open and nothing but smiles

Seeing you grow up

It’s a blessing to me

I pray you’re loved through every individual you meet

Because you’re worth more than the diamonds that light up the skies

More wonderful than many of those in my life

God bless you on your beautiful journey


Brittany’s new beginning

As you turn a new chapter in your life

I pray for you

I pray you soar like the birds in the sky reaching for the stars ✨

I pray Jacob is born with 10 fingers 10 toes

And healthy as a horse

I pray your life blooms with joy and love always

Remember as the season changes so will the times

Don’t lose hope when things don’t seem to go right

Have patience when Jacob cries

Give your all as your mother did for you from birth until now

And even beyond much more years to come

Be his guide if ever he may stumble and fall

Pick him up and hold him dear into your arms

I pray you find peace and comfort with your bundle of joy

I pray that God watches over him while he’s asleep at night

I pray no harm ever comes his way

I pray for you now more than ever especially today

I love you beyond words in a dictionary that can describe

And I’m so proud of you my dear niece

Can’t wait till you’re Jose’s wife

Then this story book will be sealed

A family of love, joy and loyalty

God bless you both with your little man on the way ❤️😘😊🙌🎉🎊👑

The new beginning

Love Entwined

Your love

Your love has captivated my inner being

Tangled me into mind blowing sensations

Whirl winds and thunderstorms

Lightening and rain

The loyalty is gained

Respect given with questions asked

No demands made

No boundaries

For this love is stronger than the solar system

Your love has erupted in the depths of my heart causing my soul to intake all of its chemicals

Burning desires

Though miles apart

Your love leaves me weak

Your love deeper than the oceans

Stronger than Concrete

There’s no reason for us to be discreet

I prefer the world to see

Endless blessings flowing through my veins

A remarkable feeling no one will understand

Unless of course

You’re heart has felt what I was dealt

A Euphoric taste

Your love held my soul

Devi Ramsaran 2018

Impetuous Ecstasy

Impetuous Ecstasy

As your fingers ran through my hair

Your eyes scintillate (glistens)

Your heart no fears

Temerarious (daring) if you must

Lips to lips 👄

Prurient (passionate) kiss 💋

Hands enveloped (wrapped)around

Bodies entwined

Apathetic (slow) Breathing

My soul a catastrophe

But a kind that is saccharine (sweet)

Impetuous Ecstasy

Manipulating my perception

Creating a sweet sanctum (haven)

Divided by obliteration (nothing)

Two hearts one connection

Impetuous Ecstasy

Devi Ramsaran 2018