Vision of light

A flash of lights across my eyes

While closed

Usually there is darkness

But I felt that bright light connecting my soul to something beyond this world

I’m not sure what it was

Although, you were the first person I thought of

Keeping me awake

While thoughts ran through my head

I visioned your smile

Then came the sound of your voice

Giving me a sense of hope

A light path of direction

You have thought me to embrace Beauty inside and out

And pray for those who always argue and shout

You showed me to love unconditionally

Finding flaws in no one

I listened to your voice but I felt your soul

It is beyond words that any dictionary can describe

You’re so close but yet so far away

Your presence is in desperate need for us all

Still we pray

To find comfort in knowing you’re in a better place

Many would say!

Thankful for the words of wisdom you’ve taught me

I find peace in knowing I can share those dreams with those in need

Of a vision so deep

Beyond words in a dictionary

Your love for people and life was rare

Your affection and devotion was no dare

It came from the heart


You have birthed a new beginning

Making us a beautiful place in heaven

As you work your fingers to it’s very end

I thank you in advance my dear friend

We love you Jay Vellos ❤️🙏🏽💭

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