The passion of life after death

I wonder what you’re doing in heaven right now

Are you rejoicing with the angels as the Bible speaks of life after death?

Are you resting until God calls all of his best?

Are you jumping for joy to see how much you were loved? Or

Are you listening to every words spoken of time and God?

I wonder

Are the clouds caressing you when you need a hug?

Are the angels showing you how to guide those you’ve once loved?

Are you an angel just as we see on TV?


Are you just sitting and enjoying time with the almighty?

I wonder

When my time comes

I wonder how it will be!

Are you dancing and prancing around in serenity?

Are you eating or do your stomach fill with just love and peace?

Are you at the golden gates as the Bible states?


Are you awaiting until we all (humans)face judgment day?

Are you able to talk to God?

Are you able to see him?

Are you safe and Warm?

Are you cold or scared?

I wonder when someone dies

Of a random death

How do they move on in life after death?

Are the things in the Bible we read True?

Is God really waiting to greet those who have passed on?

I wonder an entire book

So this is where I am shook!

Till my time comes only then will I truly know

Because the beauty of life is to live on with great hopes

Meeting your creator is a wonder in the mind

Until the end of your life

And when it is your time

Only then will we all know

The passion of life after death

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