Think about it 🙏🏽

My poetry is to make you think 🤔.

What is life without an end?

We all must go one day

But our parts we separate

We love differently.

Some look back on memories.

Some which are beautiful and some that which in pain a heart may never heal.

We are taught to let go of our physical presence and let God work through our soul.

We are taught that the body is a temple and heaven is filled with gold.

So why do we all believe differently?

It is in the mind

And based on certain memory.

We are taught to respect your elders, ask permission when needed to speak.

But why is it that in today’s world

We interrupt as while others speak?

We are taught to listen and take heed to the older words of the wise and later on in life we follow those concepts some are truth and some are lies.

How do we believe what we are taught is even wrong or right?

We believe when we search deep within

For answers that are deeply hidden.

But the only

Way to conquer this battle, is to reach deep down inside and let that light shine.

You never know what it is you may have kept secretly tied

Unless you reveal it a little at a time.

And that is what death is

To celebrate life after death

As we all must leave earth one day

So why have regrets?

Starting searching now

For the journey is like a roller coaster

Sometimes you’re up and sometimes you’re down

But through it all

Pray each step of the way

For God leads no one astray.

As time may pass us by slowly

We gain Knowledge through experience and then we have the blessed opportunity to pass that wisdom down.


Yours truly


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