Dedication to Jay

Allow me to begin this with a Thank you Thank you 🙏🏽 for being a blessing in all of our lives.

Thank you for the loving time you took in listening to my mother cries

Thank you for the time I needed a friend, to listen to me complain of all the things you taught me to be grateful for today. Today I have listened loud and clear that Tomorrow is never promised to anyone.

Today I am blessed to have known you, learned about you, grown to love you as not only a customer, or even as a friend but most of all

I love you as you are my brother.

Although we are all hurting deep inside,

We know that God has greater plans for you as an Angel at his side.

It’s hard to accept that you will no longer be here in flesh and bones

But I find comfort knowing that your presence are within our hearts and souls.

You are one of a kind, humble, loyal, and peaceful, a devoted son, customer, friend, brother, father, and husband. I’ve learned so much from you and I thank you for the wonderful talks. You are a great listener, great adviser, and a caring individual. Your soul was pure and will remain that way. I thank God for allowing us to all be a part of your life and even after death

We will be one again.

I find peace within when I let go of that balloon. I felt your presence and heard your voice inside my head

Saying “Pray”

I promise you Jay that no matter what it is I will be there for both of our moms

I will be there for Stephanie and Rain the best that I can

I will try to comfort and listen when they need an ear or advice

Because you, my brother has done the exact same for us all over here.

We never got to show you our appreciation but I pray you know now how deeply we are thankful for all you have done and all you have been to us

We love you dearly and this is only one note. Imagine how much more I will

Write of the stories you left behind

I promise to keep you living on

With memories of the day your wife said yes to a proposal

I would never forget the smile on your face

And the day when we were talking about names

For your princess and how much joy you were in before she arrived

Those are priceless memories which made us so happy for you

I pray you are smiling down from heaven

And watching over us all

There’s too much more to write

Because a great man as yourself

Deserves more than a note

You deserve your very own book!

A King who died saving his Queen and his princess.

My title for you

One day it will be a hit

Thank you Jay

I know this note is kind of long

But please bare with me some more

I thank you for your words of encouragement, I thank you for your wonderful compliments, I promise you big brother that from up there you will

Be amazed

By the words in which I will place to dedicate to you

A title which can no other man ever take

“A Loyal and peaceful Humble King”

That book will be only of you and your life.

I knew there was a reason why you kept telling me to continue to write, I knew you always lifted my spirits with your amazing smile, when you told me that my art was intriguing, captivating and filled with lots of surprise.

I know now that you wanted better for me brother and I promise I have listened now

I just wish

I listened a little sooner

Then maybe somehow I could have showed you in person

I pray you rest in Paradise

Until we meet again

Your little sis Dee and all

The ones you left behind

At Devi Deli 108 St

Respect and

Bless up

You left a legacy behind for me to write about

Thank you 🙏🏽

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