A King Who died protecting His Queen and his Princess

Waking up to news that you are no longer here

Aches my heart

Knowing you have been such a humble individual and wonderful son to your mother as well as mine

Your great deeds as a friend, a loyal customer, and a big brother/little brother

Will never be forgotten

Although we mourn your passing

We celebrate the truth of your death

We know you died like a Bo$$ protecting your family

Covering them with your love, your loyalty, your care, you sheltered them with your all and died like as A HUMBLE KING 👑

So cheers 🍻 to the Coors light specials, Ciroc’ and Henny Shots

I’ll never forget our talks

I can still remember when you fell in love with your wife

Your ran to me with questions of how to propose

And you did it exactly the way we discussed

You knew she was the one

In such a short time

I saw your eyes lit up with such joy

And the news of having a little princess 👸🏼

On the way

Your expressions were priceless

You have left behind a legacy

So tonight although we are in tears and mourn your death

We drink for you and celebrate the joy of your loyalty

Your strength, your courage, your love and passion for people


Team # bang # In

Your true soldiers

Me of course #1 lol 😂

Amit, Daniel, Vic, Gary, Mike, Ravi, Neil, Blue, PR, Evelyn, Marando, Moms, Pops, Chris,


May your soul Rest In Paradise

Respect and Bless Up

Love you Big Bro/Lil Bro


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