My lifeline

Thankfully I’ve never used it up

Usually I am the one everyone calls

In desperate times

For a listening ear

Or even advice

I wonder how many are out there today

That will allow me to use a lifeline when I’m in need

I’m sure there’s not that many

Maybe a few possibly

Whatever it may be

Just note I wouldn’t ask

Unless I desperately need

Lifelines are used for moments when all else has failed

Don’t abuse a privilege

For that is what it is


Devi Ramsaran 2018

My first song

When all else has failed


Be right there my dear

Seeking you, comforting and guidance through

With a love that is so rare

Baby, let me, take you, there

You’ve helped me, conquer the world of beauty

With your smile shining through

I’ll be always, next to you

With a love that is so rare

Baby, let me, take you, there

As the flowers bloom through the seasons

And when the cold air withers it away

I’ll be there, to catch, every single tear drop

With a love that is rare

Baby, let me, take you, there

As the sunlight brings in warmth

Keeping you safe from all harm

As the rain coming in down and

The humidity expands

With a love that is rare

Baby, let me, take you, there

Let me take you into my arms

Keep you warm at heart

As your soul glistens, while lighting up all paths

With a love that is rare

Baby, let me, take you, there

With a love that is rare

Bound by the heavens above

As angels singing so loud, while playing their harps

A love that is hard to find

I will forever be one of a kind

With a love that is rare

Baby, let me, take you, there

By Devi Ramsaran

The passion of life after death

I wonder what you’re doing in heaven right now

Are you rejoicing with the angels as the Bible speaks of life after death?

Are you resting until God calls all of his best?

Are you jumping for joy to see how much you were loved? Or

Are you listening to every words spoken of time and God?

I wonder

Are the clouds caressing you when you need a hug?

Are the angels showing you how to guide those you’ve once loved?

Are you an angel just as we see on TV?


Are you just sitting and enjoying time with the almighty?

I wonder

When my time comes

I wonder how it will be!

Are you dancing and prancing around in serenity?

Are you eating or do your stomach fill with just love and peace?

Are you at the golden gates as the Bible states?


Are you awaiting until we all (humans)face judgment day?

Are you able to talk to God?

Are you able to see him?

Are you safe and Warm?

Are you cold or scared?

I wonder when someone dies

Of a random death

How do they move on in life after death?

Are the things in the Bible we read True?

Is God really waiting to greet those who have passed on?

I wonder an entire book

So this is where I am shook!

Till my time comes only then will I truly know

Because the beauty of life is to live on with great hopes

Meeting your creator is a wonder in the mind

Until the end of your life

And when it is your time

Only then will we all know

The passion of life after death

Inner soul captivating hearts

My passion for poetry keeps me awake

Drifting into deep thoughts…


As each time, I begin to write

I pray to shine some light into the souls that are lost For words

Giving each of you a piece of hope

A little of me

With love and serenity

Compassion and unity

I pray that some day

My words of Wisdom becomes the reason for someone’s better future

Looking forward to a beautiful ending

As we embrace time and dedication

To acknowledging that life no matter what it be, we count those blessings

And humble ourselves to Divine beauty

Vision of light

A flash of lights across my eyes

While closed

Usually there is darkness

But I felt that bright light connecting my soul to something beyond this world

I’m not sure what it was

Although, you were the first person I thought of

Keeping me awake

While thoughts ran through my head

I visioned your smile

Then came the sound of your voice

Giving me a sense of hope

A light path of direction

You have thought me to embrace Beauty inside and out

And pray for those who always argue and shout

You showed me to love unconditionally

Finding flaws in no one

I listened to your voice but I felt your soul

It is beyond words that any dictionary can describe

You’re so close but yet so far away

Your presence is in desperate need for us all

Still we pray

To find comfort in knowing you’re in a better place

Many would say!

Thankful for the words of wisdom you’ve taught me

I find peace in knowing I can share those dreams with those in need

Of a vision so deep

Beyond words in a dictionary

Your love for people and life was rare

Your affection and devotion was no dare

It came from the heart


You have birthed a new beginning

Making us a beautiful place in heaven

As you work your fingers to it’s very end

I thank you in advance my dear friend

We love you Jay Vellos ❤️🙏🏽💭

Our beloved gone but not forgotten

Your illuminating soul has captivated our hearts. You were an intrinsic nature, humble, loyal, ambitious, loving, caring and independent.

A son, A brother, A friend, A husband, A father, and now you are a King with a whole new meaning.

Life is designed to include perpetual change. This is one change no one will ever be able to adjust to.

A King who once stood firm with wisdom and strength, an armor to protect, and a courageous man whose wealth was built on Love.

Till we meet again my family, my friend

From the Sunrise to the Sunset

Until the very end of our last breaths,

We have loved you then and now even in life after death.

Bless up

Think about it 🙏🏽

My poetry is to make you think 🤔.

What is life without an end?

We all must go one day

But our parts we separate

We love differently.

Some look back on memories.

Some which are beautiful and some that which in pain a heart may never heal.

We are taught to let go of our physical presence and let God work through our soul.

We are taught that the body is a temple and heaven is filled with gold.

So why do we all believe differently?

It is in the mind

And based on certain memory.

We are taught to respect your elders, ask permission when needed to speak.

But why is it that in today’s world

We interrupt as while others speak?

We are taught to listen and take heed to the older words of the wise and later on in life we follow those concepts some are truth and some are lies.

How do we believe what we are taught is even wrong or right?

We believe when we search deep within

For answers that are deeply hidden.

But the only

Way to conquer this battle, is to reach deep down inside and let that light shine.

You never know what it is you may have kept secretly tied

Unless you reveal it a little at a time.

And that is what death is

To celebrate life after death

As we all must leave earth one day

So why have regrets?

Starting searching now

For the journey is like a roller coaster

Sometimes you’re up and sometimes you’re down

But through it all

Pray each step of the way

For God leads no one astray.

As time may pass us by slowly

We gain Knowledge through experience and then we have the blessed opportunity to pass that wisdom down.


Yours truly



Writing ✍️ when hurt

The pain in the tips of the pen against each sheet of paper

Seems to flow drastically

As hearts are poured out and souls are cleansed.

I’m proud of the woman that I am.

The pain keeps me humble and the writings on the walls, keeps me sane. It’s memories I relive but I gain with strength.

Written with blood

Stained with tears

Yours truly


I write

I write because it makes me happy

I write because I’m free


I write for a better understanding of life and reflect on bitter memories

In hopes of making me stronger

To withstand the storms that are yet to come.

I write to give others inspiration for that is from the mind which God has given me to share.

I write for those who in need for a little light to burn deep within

Helping those who were lost to find comfort from God above

I write to free my soul and enhance the minds of the wounded

I write each day, for the battle is my determination.

I write to spark a heart

Captivating ones soul

I write of past, present and future examples of the laws of life.

I write for those who don’t believe that the vision is straight ahead.

I write to motivate, inspire, acknowledge, and teach and I hope those who enjoy

Always continues to read…


Gone but never forgotten ❤️

From the moment we first met

All I knew is that your expressions left impressions in my mind that which I cannot ever forget.

Your words of wisdom and time of dedication to acknowledge my ambition meant the most important thing for me

Having me come to realization

That I am not just a new book

Rather I am a limited edition

Your comforting words of silent relief allowed me to conquer the enemy which laid within me

Your hopes and prayers have guided me through in the darkest of moments where suicidal thoughts ran through my head

And all I wished was death

You watched me smile, you saw my tears, you heard my sobs and listened to my fears.

You gave me advice

You lifted my life with compliments of beauty inside and out

You stood up for my woman’s worth and denied those who disrespect and misunderstood my kindness for weakness

Your life on earth will never be told unless I write your journey into a book

And make you smile from deep within

An Angel who has gone but will

Never be forgotten

Bless up Jay

Your baby sis Devi Ramsaran

Dedication to Jay

Allow me to begin this with a Thank you Thank you 🙏🏽 for being a blessing in all of our lives.

Thank you for the loving time you took in listening to my mother cries

Thank you for the time I needed a friend, to listen to me complain of all the things you taught me to be grateful for today. Today I have listened loud and clear that Tomorrow is never promised to anyone.

Today I am blessed to have known you, learned about you, grown to love you as not only a customer, or even as a friend but most of all

I love you as you are my brother.

Although we are all hurting deep inside,

We know that God has greater plans for you as an Angel at his side.

It’s hard to accept that you will no longer be here in flesh and bones

But I find comfort knowing that your presence are within our hearts and souls.

You are one of a kind, humble, loyal, and peaceful, a devoted son, customer, friend, brother, father, and husband. I’ve learned so much from you and I thank you for the wonderful talks. You are a great listener, great adviser, and a caring individual. Your soul was pure and will remain that way. I thank God for allowing us to all be a part of your life and even after death

We will be one again.

I find peace within when I let go of that balloon. I felt your presence and heard your voice inside my head

Saying “Pray”

I promise you Jay that no matter what it is I will be there for both of our moms

I will be there for Stephanie and Rain the best that I can

I will try to comfort and listen when they need an ear or advice

Because you, my brother has done the exact same for us all over here.

We never got to show you our appreciation but I pray you know now how deeply we are thankful for all you have done and all you have been to us

We love you dearly and this is only one note. Imagine how much more I will

Write of the stories you left behind

I promise to keep you living on

With memories of the day your wife said yes to a proposal

I would never forget the smile on your face

And the day when we were talking about names

For your princess and how much joy you were in before she arrived

Those are priceless memories which made us so happy for you

I pray you are smiling down from heaven

And watching over us all

There’s too much more to write

Because a great man as yourself

Deserves more than a note

You deserve your very own book!

A King who died saving his Queen and his princess.

My title for you

One day it will be a hit

Thank you Jay

I know this note is kind of long

But please bare with me some more

I thank you for your words of encouragement, I thank you for your wonderful compliments, I promise you big brother that from up there you will

Be amazed

By the words in which I will place to dedicate to you

A title which can no other man ever take

“A Loyal and peaceful Humble King”

That book will be only of you and your life.

I knew there was a reason why you kept telling me to continue to write, I knew you always lifted my spirits with your amazing smile, when you told me that my art was intriguing, captivating and filled with lots of surprise.

I know now that you wanted better for me brother and I promise I have listened now

I just wish

I listened a little sooner

Then maybe somehow I could have showed you in person

I pray you rest in Paradise

Until we meet again

Your little sis Dee and all

The ones you left behind

At Devi Deli 108 St

Respect and

Bless up

You left a legacy behind for me to write about

Thank you 🙏🏽

A King Who died protecting His Queen and his Princess

Waking up to news that you are no longer here

Aches my heart

Knowing you have been such a humble individual and wonderful son to your mother as well as mine

Your great deeds as a friend, a loyal customer, and a big brother/little brother

Will never be forgotten

Although we mourn your passing

We celebrate the truth of your death

We know you died like a Bo$$ protecting your family

Covering them with your love, your loyalty, your care, you sheltered them with your all and died like as A HUMBLE KING 👑

So cheers 🍻 to the Coors light specials, Ciroc’ and Henny Shots

I’ll never forget our talks

I can still remember when you fell in love with your wife

Your ran to me with questions of how to propose

And you did it exactly the way we discussed

You knew she was the one

In such a short time

I saw your eyes lit up with such joy

And the news of having a little princess 👸🏼

On the way

Your expressions were priceless

You have left behind a legacy

So tonight although we are in tears and mourn your death

We drink for you and celebrate the joy of your loyalty

Your strength, your courage, your love and passion for people


Team # bang # In

Your true soldiers

Me of course #1 lol 😂

Amit, Daniel, Vic, Gary, Mike, Ravi, Neil, Blue, PR, Evelyn, Marando, Moms, Pops, Chris,


May your soul Rest In Paradise

Respect and Bless Up

Love you Big Bro/Lil Bro