Oh Mother In Law 

Letter to my boyfriend mother
My dearest mother in law

On Mothers Day 

Every one wished me a Happy Mothers Day 

And I thought of you

How much you have done to hurt me 
I’ve shed one too many tears

In hopes of one day holding my very own child dear to my heart 

But you 

You have snatched that joy inside of me 

Before I can give my child the opportunity to see the world with its own naked eyes

You have destroyed my peace

You took my smiles and turned them into frowns 

You made me sad 
When you came here I treated you as a Queen

Attended to your needs with whatever you desired 

Gave our bed for you to rest on

Allowed you to take full control over my home

And now 

Today of all days 

I have regrets 

It is because of you 
I hope when you’re reading this letter your heart doesn’t burn 

Your body doesn’t freeze

You soul doesn’t ache 

But if it does 

Then so be it 

I just pray you know how to deal with it if and when that time comes
You have birthed your son

Today he is a part of my life

I asked humbly for your blessings as he did too

Today he is willing to forgive you 

When I have forgiven you years ago
Not once have I destroyed you with words 

But the names you have called me is words I’ve never even heard
You were like a mother to me in my eyes

And in yours I was a disgrace to become your sons wife

I would have protected you the best I could 

Given you my home and let you live

Worked my bones to its very end 

And pray that God keeps you safe from anything 
As a child I was taught to respect those who are eldest 

I was told to be humble no matter how much and how hard it gets

I did my very best 

Today of all days I held close to my heart 

The regrets of being so humble 

Because of you 

My universe is of nonexistent 

Because of you I gave up on love 

Because of you I have pains today 

And now because of you 

Your very own son has stayed away from you 
Not once have I made him choose 

He knew in his heart you have done nothing for us than abuse me with hurtful words 

He knew you sent people to have me beaten up 

He knew our lives was at peace until you came here and destroyed it
What mother leaves her son all alone In a different yet difficult world because of her own selfishness? 

What mother snatches a child from another woman’s womb? 

What mother wishes her children bad? 

I can’t seem to understand why do you think you have it all figured out 

When even that same son aches for the love from his mother 

How do I stomach the pain that you have taken away from me 

When you yourself is in pain because your son has denied you today? 
I wonder now 

How do you feel to destroy me and in the process you destroyed yourself? 
I’ve done great deeds more than you can imagine

I’ve sheltered those who had no home

I’ve cared for those who had no one

I’ve loved for those who has been abandoned 

I’ve been a mother, a friend, a sister and a loyal woman to your son 

I’ve respected you when you degraded me

I’ve loved and cared for your son 

I’ve done the best I could

I’ve done enough

I pray that today 

My last words to you shall embed itself into your soul making you restless forever until you crawl on your knees and beg for my forgiveness 
The next time you dare to step in my path

Thunder will roll

Lightning will strike you 

For I am more loved than you can ever imagine

I am a child of God

Who deserve to be happy

Who deserves to be respected 

Who deserves love like everyone else in this world

God is my witness 

I have not once disrespected you 

I’ve had 

Many opportunities to send you to jail

But I kept shut

Today I will no longer be a victim to you or anyone

I’m stronger and more powerful 

Because God has mended my broken heart

My child is with the angels rejoicing 

That he or she is proud to once be a part of me
The next time you dare attack me with your words or your physical being

I hope 

For every thing you have done to me

I pray it comes back to you twice or ten times more

Seven years is long enough

Now I am putting my foot down 

I pray that God be with you through those times 

And I pray you accept him and he 

shines some light into your dark heart!

Because if you don’t

Then you haven’t yet felt real PAIN 

With his blessings 

As his child I gain each day the knowledge of those who are arrogant and of those who are ignorant 
By; Devi Ramsaran 2017 

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