Mathematics of Sex

I’d like to knowWhere we’re going and in

What direction?

Is Love taking us to our prescribed destination?

What’s your vision?

What’s your mission?

Are you good at

Long Division, or

Are we Solid Factors

Or Remainders and fractions?

How do we fit Logically?

Cypher Think Critically with me

Let Love’s Power

Uravel Problems and Solutions

Are we in order with operations,

Or an Unbalanced Equation?
Find the unknown variables

Equally Spiritually balance our

Prime Factorization that’s called

The Proof of Marriageability

Intimate stability or volatility.

Look at all the common factors

Reduce negativity

By offering Positivity

Subtract what distracts

& detracts

Add benevolent benefactors

Creating Numerically Our Matrix

Watch Hell give way to

The Power of Love Making.
Let Love be in parenthesis

An Equation that changes surroundings

See us exponentially And Scientifically

Put Sexing me in rotation

Until our Life of Love

Becomes Scientific Notation.
Let our Mind’s Physics be Quantum

Let our Ions Chemically be

Living Love as we perform

“The Good Work”

Ancient Alchemy throughout the Aeon’s.
Musically move my soul

Mathematically like notes

On a octave

Discover me sexually in Theorem

Let two become One like

H2O liquid water a

Two to One Ratio.
Speak to me Philosophically

Discover me like Plato’s forms

Use your arms to hold and mold

Rearrange the Universe’s Algorithm

Calculate time, rhythm, and motion

See me with Your 3rd Eye

like God’s thoughts moving at Light’s Speed

Love is our technology

Together we’re Anomalies.
Place beauty in our Theology

Your Assett’s canvased and framed artwork

Create and build with me

Until Love, Our Love is transformed into Monuments And Holy Temples.
Mystic is our language

While preforming tongue rhythms

Let me hear you summon

The Choirs of Arch Angels.
While I explore your geometry

Its important I see your

Right Angle, 90°Please

At night your and Obtuse angle

In the morning before work

I hit your acute angles.

With this Formed Love

We become Religion

To, By, and For

One another.

Mathematics of Love

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