Life journey takes it course 

When life’s journey has taken a new course  

You’re speechless because of the intimacy 

You’re deaf to the words of warning 

You’re blind to see the pain which lies ahead
And now 
You sit wondering 

Quietly to yourself 

How could this be? 
When the love in which was so strong has now become weak
I wonder 

“Is he truly in love with me?”
I shiver with the harsh tone of his voice near me 

I sometimes wonder is he out there cheating on 


I cry my self to sleep many nights 

Afraid of waking up to the room being empty 
Without his love I wobble 

And with his love I shine through even in the darkness of life 
I know not what tomorrow may bring 

But my love 

I promise to remain the same 

For you I wish the world to bow before

I pray an eternity of happiness is all that you should ever endure 

I lift you upon my fantasy pedestal 

Proud that in my heart not only your name is written 

But it is also embedded into my soul 
I love you 

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