I wonder too…

I wonder how you’d feel if walking my shoes right now.Would you be in pain, showing it through your face? 

Or would you smile and just endure it 

Like nothing happened in the first place?

I wonder if I paid you no attention 

Would you pretend that you’re okay 

Or would you lash out like a child taken to a candy store and couldn’t even get one thing?

Sometimes I wonder
I wonder if you dare

To creep your feet into my shoes

Putting no emotions on a table 

Because you’re that bold and able 
I wonder if Jesus came to earth 

What is the first thing that you would do? 

Would you prepare a feast and clean the house or would you stand at that door with water to wash his feet?
I wonder if you’ve ever cried yourself to sleep or do you smile knowing because of you someone else’s is crying under their sheets? 
I wonder if you’re gonna weep the same way I’ve once weep or would you laugh in slyness for being proud of being a creep? 

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