Everlasting Love Story 

The heavens call out to us with truth of love everlastingPromises never made, yet kept within the deep

The depths of our souls unite in the midnight

As we melt in a world that has not joined our names

Washed upon the shore with the waves of regret

We wish and we hope for a union

A union we pray…

For a day, a night when the stars might shine upon our story

As in each other’s arms we are safe and at home

At home, listen to my heart

For it is my heart that beats your name

It beats your name loud in the winds that call you home

Home is where the heart resides and you reside within me

And neath the diamonds sparkling, we laugh, we cry, and we believe

In love, a love that shares in our legend of passionate streams

Where hand in hand we walk with new hearts

Hearts that have forgotten they were ever broken

Broken no more for together they have found peace and comfort in the everlasting truth that our souls knew all along

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