Where we stand I will never know

Where we stand I will never know
Where we stand I will never know, because your emotions you can never show. 

Today you love me 

Tomorrow you don’t
One moment you care the next you say you won’t 

I can’t seem to understand the fine lines between us anymore 

The simplicity between a conversation 

No longer exist
You turn your back on me in the bed which we share

I know not what I do many nights 

For me to constantly feel as I am walking on egg shells
Afraid I am to speak my mind

Because if you don’t run away for the entire night

You’re lips are on constant rewind
Memories of the past I wish can remain there

Yet you seem to always have a reason to bring it back to me when things seem a bit of uncertainty 
I’ve waited for six long years

For you to always say your parents were right

Then answer me this one simple question

Why is it you still seem to crawl back into the same bed we share at night? 
Where we stand I will never know

I am the last thing on your agenda even a simple promise you can’t afford
I sometimes sit and wonder

Where is it that I am heading 

I live with a man who thinks I am worth absolutely nothing

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