Faded Petals 


Strewn upon the cobbled

path lay dried and faded rose 

petals, where tear drops had 

left their mark, but now were 

invisible in the dark, but they

still left their mark
The dark red roses had

arrived, the day after he had 

said goodbye, and she cried 

and cried but kept them till 

they lost their colour and died


Knowing the ocean wind 

would soon carry them 

away, perhaps then she

could start again in some 

way, but how could she 

without the one she 

had depended upon as

her friend, soulmate and 

had loved so deep.


This mountain she now 

faced was cold and steep.

One rose petal she crushed

and placed into a locket

he had given to her as 

a gift, and she would wear

it always, he would be 

with her on this climb and

when she needed help, he

would give her a lift.

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