Deadly Attraction 

Deadly Attraction  

I remember you loving me like you never did before

Before that dreaded moment of you walking through that door

Door to my heart I opened and the walls you penetrated

Penetrated by what I thought to be love, only to be degraded

Degraded to the lowest of lows, taken from the highest of highs

Highs accompanied by mundane mornings and never-ending numbing nights

Nights and days passed, were gone forever, ones that made me superior

Superior to those who were not in love, those who are inferior

Inferior to the feelings I had and still have for you

You, the love of my life, the one I see in my future too

Too soon, it was for me to fall in love so quick

Quick to say the three words and then it was time to quit

Quit fooling myself, quit thinking about these deadly feelings

Feelings of inadequacy and unworthiness to my heart they cling

Cling triumphantly, tugging and squeezing, leaving me so very lonely

Lonely with my miserable thoughts, exposing my vulnerability

Vulnerability because you were with me but your mind was not there

There you were in your mind, body and soul, but I wanted you here

Here, I was trying to believe just how much you love me

Me, the one you pursued and told people we were meant to be

Be my best friend, my passionate lover and my dutiful wife

Wife of mine, the one who I have decided should share my life

Life so promising in those wonderful words uttered from your lips

Lips of temptation and words of deceit issued from movie scripts

Scripts through which you seemingly poured out your heart and soul

Soul of innocence and truth replaced by a dark, empty and gaping hole

Hole so enormously fed by lust, greed and insecurities

Insecurities which fed on the love I once thought was to be

Be my knight, save me from myself and save me from you 

You, who despite warnings from friends, may need saving too

Too long we have pretended to be the perfect couple

Couple of idiots, now we have to sift through this rubble

Rubble that resulted from the crumbling walls of our love

Love with a flame that burned brightly as a message from above

Above all others, fighting against all odds, it turned quickly into murderous hate

Hate for me, growing hate for you, is the masterpiece I intend to create

Create a canvas just for you, with loads of malice and serious contempt

Contempt that will continues to build towards suicidal attempts

Attempts fueled by murderous intentions only awaiting the plan

Plan of your death and mine which must be an event so grand

Grand affair that must be done with due care and attention

So perfectly, artistically mastered that definitely must be mentioned

Mentioned daily, monthly and yearly in the local news

News of the kill of a lifetime that should be awarded 5-star reviews

Reviews of its gruesome, gory, grief-inducing details

Details will be told of these crazy, cryptic, critical tales 

Tales that would make blood drip instead of sweat from your brow

Brow-beating tale, how it ends? No one but God knows and understands how

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