My Heartbeat

My Heartbeat

You are fading slowly
Into a place of non existent 
I’ve been waiting for this day to finally say 
I’ve accepted the facts and from this day forward
I will respect your decision

The restless nights you’ve given to me 
The endless tears which flows
I know that growing in this pain will only take me into a different world

A world of danger and hate
Where lying is just a “thing!”
Where flowers bloom without the use of water 
Rather it survives on chemicals created by the hands of a man
A world where confusion and resentment devours your soul 
Where bitterness and anger takes control

So I would rather be free 
Allowing you make all those decisions for me

I’m tired and frustrated 
I can’t seem to please anyone
It’s a battlefield in my mind
No one will ever know 

I speak out in anger 
I speak out in fear
But not once did I mean those hurtful words I say
Although this may hurt me in the end
Sleep I will finally know 

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