Talking to the walls 

Today I am your everything Tomorrow I am your whore

Few days later 

We’re arguing over a story about me in which you over heard

I wonder who am I to you that you 

You seem so very distant 

One minute I am right 

The next I am the blame

I’m tired of the constant abuse of being called names

If being with me is so bad

Then why constantly be here making me sad

Why not leave 

Turn your back and walk away 

I’m afraid now if you do stay 

Sometimes I wonder where I would have been today if I choose to never be with you 

I’m not complaining, I’m just hurt 

It’s a constant battle in my mind

What is it that I am worth ? 

We know not of what tomorrow may bring 

For today I need to know where is it that I stand? 

Am I your lady or just someone who pleasures your burning desires? 

Am I your Queen before any other? 

Am I lacking beauty within or is it the condition of my skin? 

Am I trash or dirt in the ground? 

Am I worthy of a crown? 

I know nothing because you don’t seem to speak 

And when you do 

It’s never good things to me 

You complain how much I am such a horrible woman


I still work, wash, cook and clean. 

I wonder where you will ever find another 

6 long years 

And still I can’t become your wife 

No proposal 

Not even a conversation 

About one day of being your bride 

No romantic dinners 

No casual talks

It’s only constant problems which we discuss 

I’m tired too 

But I try my best to listen 

To speak

To reason a situation 

And understand on your part

Well I myself am tired 

And need someone who can understand too

Someone who once listened to me

Cared for me

Loved me immensely 

And treated me with respect 

That someone was you

Now I’m all alone

I’m tired too 

Walking away will be a better option

Because speaking to the walls is my conclusion 

By Darshini Devi Ramsaran  
© 2017 Darshini Devi Ramsaran (All rights reserved)

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