A Woman Struggles

 A Woman Struggles…
I cook, I wash, I clean 

As I am a wife 

I make love as a woman, not a child

I play with children as if I’ve had some of my very own 

I work like man, doing things many women shouldn’t 

I’m not lazy 

I enjoy intellectual conversations 

I rather be home playing with makeup, cleaning my house, watching movies, or staying in the kitchen all day

I enjoy life for whatever curve ball it throws my way

I am not perfect 

I have flaws too 

I know there are times I feel the beauty in someone and I know when I don’t 

I feel just like you do 

I hurt the same

I say things to defame your name

Because I’m angry at the things you say

I don’t want to fuss over words 

However you give me no choice 

I cry the same salty tears when I am broken in two 

I wish you’d understand how much I care and 

How much I love you 


every cell in my body
Your words have destroyed me 

Consuming my soul with regrets

And hate

You’ve pushed me far 

Beyond your imagination 

And yet you continue to test my emotions 
I guess some things are blinded by the eyes of those who can’t seem to see past their nose

They push those who love deeply into a place of non existence 

Hurting those who care for them 

Because of their own demons inside of them 
And when reality hits them in the face
A great woman as myself 

Would have walked away

Knowing her worth 
With her head held high 

Her shoulders straight 

Her face with a smile

And a heart that’s willing to challenge any dare at any pace 
She will soar above the highest mountains 

Loving stronger than ever before 
And slowly I am beginning to realize my very own worth 

A woman’s struggles 

By Darshini Devi Ramsaran 04/02
© 2017 Darshini Devi Ramsaran (All rights reserved)

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