Beautiful Monster 

Ooh beautiful monster I smile as your eyes pierce through my soul 

I embrace your grasp for they know not of what I’ve ever felt before 

Devour into my sweet soul as I smile into slumber 

Rather than in tears 

Weak and brittle 

Through a dark cold grave 

Beautiful monster you put no more fear in me 

As I’ve conquered in my mind 

My own destiny 

Behind closed walls 

I allowed you to manipulate my emotions 

Letting you get the best of me

Beautiful monster 

Please for once do not be naive 

If you allow me to awake 

Please remember the sunrise brings in a new day 

And your soul will eventually fade away

Unable to attack 

So devour into my sweet soul as you wish while I drift into 

Emotion less 

Where I don’t care what tomorrow brings 

Wether I’m here or there. 

The wings of strength will continue to grow

Detaching my soul from yours 
Unfortunately for you 

It is now sunrise 

And I sit Still 

while the birds chirp 

Through my bedroom window 

I’ve survived 

The brutal nightmare 
It was all just a dream 
My beautiful monster 

I wish you were here to see how long it has taken me to over come my fears

To let go of my past

And light my own path 

I wish you knew how hard the journey was 

The battle fields which I’ve walked

I wish you knew things that can change that heart of yours

And see that one can change for the better part
But this is only a wish 

Some comes true 

And some just fades with time

I love you beautiful monster 

But you’ve ruled my soul enough 

I yearn now to escape forever from your hands which hurt
And still I manage to smile through it all

Faded monster 

Change ur ways

Or be a part of the past forever 

And remain where you belong 
Through the darkest of tunnels 

The shallowest of graves

I pray you find comfort 

Of knowing I am not the disgrace 

It was you who has turned 

And now it’s my time to run home 
Sunrise saved the day 😉

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