I am me 


I am meLove me 

Hate me 

Accept me

Deny me

I don’t care
 I refuse to change the woman I am to please another because that would just mean 

I wouldn’t be REAL
If you asked me 

I will tell you no lie
If you hurt me 

I will shed a few tears 

Blow some steam out

But eventually 

I get over it 
If you come at me with the constant bullshit 

Then trust

I will crush it 
If you got to know me

And end up betraying me

I will take revenge 
And in the end just know that a friend like me 

Was one of a kind

That would sacrifice my life to save yours 
So trust 

Is something so real and deep that if it’s lost 

There’s nothing that would ever bring that back

No matter years of trying to prove

That of your worth

No matter how sincere you may be this time around

I will always look at you that 1% less 


at one point betrayed is what happened to me 

So yes I sleep with one eye opened 

And it’s because of the bullshit I’ve been through once before
No one knows how far I’ve come

The things I’ve done

The places I’ve been

The things I’ve seen

The situations I’ve ended up in

The pain I’ve caused

The hearts I’ve helped

The spirits I’ve lifted

The shit I do to help others through

The hustle I find

The every day grind 

The memories I make

The mistakes I’ve made 
So when I say this

Please don’t take it the wrong way
But please I beg

Don’t fuck with my emotions 

And I won’t fuck with yours




I have flaws and so do you

I’m not perfect in your eyes

But trust there’s at least one person I know that sees no flaws in me no matter what I am or what I do and that’s the almighty 

No one knows how much I’ve cried

How hard it was for me to watch someone die 

No one understands how much I hurt

But yet 

I smile 

So before you say YOU KNOW ME



I am me 
© 2015 Devi Ramsaran (All rights reserved)

I guess I am that blank page


 I guess I am that blank page 

I guess I am that blank page

Skipped past me ever so quickly 

The grasp of uncertainty 

The wind blew it drastically 

Turned over 

And laid face down

I am that blank page

And the reason of his frown

I wonder to myself

Where or why 

And was I all along in that creative denial 

I am that blank page

Clustered between the others

Fighting for air 


Thrown to side just like the others

I guess I am that blank page

Rejected so many times

It’s became immune to my system

And the out burst of feverish chills down my spine

No longer made me quiver 

But I thought to myself again

I am that blank page

No ink would bother to stay

As each letter that has been written 

magically disappears

I am that blank page 

He turned over 

With no cares of my feelings upon 

His broad 

strong shoulders

I guess I am 

That blank page

Who curls at the end

In hopes of the human iris to be in search 

Standing out and pleading 

For attention that is 


I still remain 

Upon the beginning of first to very last chapter 

That blank page 

Fragile heart torn 

Blank pages 


I guess I am that blank page 

No one 

ever thought of 

November 14,2015

I guess I am that Blank Page 

© 2015 Devi Ramsaran (All rights reserved)