Inside my mind 

I wish that God can show you my heart and allow you to feel every beat of it 
So you can see
And feel
The love I hold so deep 
For you to have a clear understanding as to why marriage is so pure in my eyes 
And that every beat of my heart is because of you
Even when we fight 
But not everyone has a poetic mind 
As I do 
Not everyone sees through eyes of love 
Not everyone understands how to care 
I do 
I will continue to love and care for u beyond your imagination 
And pray that one day you change your mind and kneel in front of me 
With hands held out high 
Proposing to love me till eternity 
Causing me to shiver 
As my smile lights up the sky and my eyes shine through the darkest of night 
With my heart skipping beats 
Like a child jumping through puddles in the streets 
The passion inside 
My soul turns over 
Like the lashing loud sounds of thunder 
And the sun bursting through the clouded sky 
A feeling of complete satisfaction 
Finally my answer 
I’m willing to be your wonderful wife 
Through the storms and the calm 
For now I exist as is 
my mind creates 
It’s own illusions 
© 2015 Devi Ramsaran (All rights reserved)


Lies after lies 

Lies after lies 
I hate
Wishing so badly I was her 
Then marriage in your eyes wouldn’t be a mistake
Lies after lies 
I live 
Pretending that you would propose one day 
Having hope in my heart no matter what you say 
Lies after lies 
I tell myself 
That maybe just maybe 
You would see from the angle where my mind stands 
And love with marriage isn’t just a pen in hand and a paper on a table 
Lies after lies
I tell myself that it could have been me instead of her
Had I only just
say the word
But in denial I lived 
That I could have not met your standards
Yet on a mental note 
Had I go with my heart 
Then life for us would be magical 
Never parting 
Lies after lies 
I imagine us holding hands as you vow to honor and protect 
Love and respect 
Guide and care 
For me 
Until the end of time 
Lies after lies 
And then the feeling just dissipates 
© 2015 Devi Ramsaran (All rights reserved)